What do rents and airfares have in common?


They keep increasing! That's right over the years no matter what drama in the world occurs, both the Bay Area rental market and airfares increase!

Do you remember;

Crisis;                                                                                                 Result;

1/ Savings and loan scandal 1987                                                  rents increased

2/ Loma Prieta earthquake                                                             rents increased

3/Oakland Hills fire                                                                       rents increased

4/Russian economy crisis (you forgot about this one)                     rents increased

5/Tech bubble                                                                                rents increased

5/911                                                                                              rents increased

6/ Financial collapse                                                                        rents increased


Honorable mention to invasions of Iraq (2).

In all cases residential rents in the Bay are increased due to potential buyer fear leading to delays in decisions to purchase which drives demand for an ever dwindling supply of rental housing. This makes real estate one of the most bullet proof investments you can buy!