5 Must do's before you sell your house

"Buyers Buy what they see, not the way it's gonna be!"

Preparation will make the difference.

Preparation will make the difference.

From a real life first hand agent perspective, here are the 5 key items you need to start planning on well before you put your home on the market..


1/ Get a Structural Pest control report.

get a local structural pest control branch 3 licensed company to inspect

get a local structural pest control branch 3 licensed company to inspect


There may be dry rot, termite damage unknown and unseen. If you get the pest report ahead of time you can a/ choose who performs the inspection and b/ who conducts the work. c/ You may be able to save thousands of dollars in repairs. You simply do not want to make repairs twice, so before you replace a bathroom floor or do any painting, get a pest report.

This is a structural report, not an inspection by those ant-spraying firms!

"But Gordon my friend at the office says the buyer gets the inspections", read above.


2/ Get a roof inspection.

get a local roofer to conduct an inspection

get a local roofer to conduct an inspection


There may be a few cracked tiles, worn or split flashing, if you order the report ahead of time you can choose the inspector and can use someone local and trusted. Roof inspection companies are notorious for high prices. Even worse are those 'free roof inspections' sometimes included with some company property inspection reports. It is advisable that you the seller avoid this kind of inspection like the plague!

"But Gordon my roof has never leaked",

I understand, get a roof inspection.


3/ Paint where needed.

Paint is the single best bang for the buck improvement, simply put every dollar spent on paint should return $5 in sales price. Your house will look better cared for and attract more offers more quickly. You may not need to paint the entire house but using discretion take care of rooms that are children's rooms or that have seen a lot of activity. Unsure what to paint or confused over colors, call us.

Painting is money in the bank

Painting is money in the bank

"But Gordon, we may paint in a color that the buyers dont like,"

 I understand, get the house painted!


4/ Get new carpet.

Along with painting this is a no brainer. Your home will look and smell like a brand new house, and if you use moderate colors new carpet can fit most buyers furniture.

It does not have to be top of the line carpet. Sometimes a remnant is available. New carpet is quick cheap and easy.


"But Gordon we may put carpet that the seller turns around and rips out, Cant we just provide a carpet credit?"  No! get the carpet replaced." Buyers buy what they see, not the way its gonna be!"


5/ Stage the house.

Very important. Staging is common place today. Most buyers buy what they see, not the way a house could be. Having professional staging is a key strategy to selling

for the highest price. At Scotsman Realty Group staging is included with our services.


Need advice and recommendations for the above? Give us a call 925 461 0993.


Q. Is staging necessary?

A. Only if you want top dollar!

Gordon Corsie 3/23/2017


Livermore home inventory at record low!.

Pleasanton has a near record low home sale inventory. As of today there are only 34 homes for sale, eight of which are under $1 Million. This is the lowest in living memory and is making it very tough for buyers. As a result buyers have been looking further out to Dublin, San Ramon and Livermore where there is a little more choice. Weather obviously is playing a part in this and hopefully as drier days return we will see more availability.