Recommended Service Providers


Phillip Vermont
5000 Hopyard Rd
Pleasanton, Ca 94566
(925) 460-3700

carpet cleaning

Eminent Carpet Cleaning
(925) 570-0833

Chimney Service

Whips Chimney Service
Allan De Graw
(925) 443-4991


Tri Valley Electric
PO Box 2171
Livermore, CA 94550
1 (800) 449-6244

Furniture/Home Items

American Cancer Society
1991 Santa Rita Rd
Pleasanton, CA 94566
(925) 846-8677


Kaul Construction (Licensed) small jobs
Ted Chandler
(925) 216-6810

Mark Becker - Becker Construction (Licensed) big jobs
(925) 699 1117

Alberto Aguilar (Unlicensed) any kind of job.
This guy is awesome does flooring, carpet, fencing haul trash take away, termite inspection work.
(925) 216 5560


Arcella's House cleaning:
Arcella Macedonio
925 848 6420
lic #2004436


Outer Visions (Landscaping design)
Linda Meikle (she has won all kinds of awards and has done dozens of yards for me)
(925) 462-1484

Paul's Gardening
Paul Nagra
(925) 829-3447


Mike McKim (He is not pushy don't worry, and he's been doing this a long time)
Homestead Mtg
(925) 847-8800


Tri Valley Locksmith
Daryl Dana
(925) 484-4000


Magic Moving
(925) 463 0134


David Kang (middle of the road price wise but clean)
D and H Painting
(408) 206-7680

Roof Inspections

Pickerill Roofing
Jack Pickerill (Straight shooter)
(925) 455-9033

Staging Service

Enhanced Staging
Vicki Salinas
(925) 963 - 5051

Tree trimming

Alberts Trees
Alberto Nieto
(925) 565 6060 -- you may have to leave a message a couple of times, don't worry its worth it


East Valley Termite Co
(925) 443-6040

Window Cleaning

Valley Window Cleaning
Kevin Lange
(888) 525-3819

This list of services is provided for your information only.  No guarantees are made as to these services. You are encouraged to investigate each business thoroughly before making a decision. Rates and services are negotiated with each company. We make no representation as to reputation or workmanship of these professionals.

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