Recommended Service Providers


Phillip Vermont
5000 Hopyard Rd
Pleasanton, Ca 94566
(925) 460-3700

carpet cleaning

Eminent Carpet Cleaning
(925) 570-0833

Chimney Service

Whips Chimney Service
Allan De Graw
(925) 443-4991


Tri Valley Electric
PO Box 2171
Livermore, CA 94550
1 (800) 449-6244

Feng Shui

Natural Energy Feng Shui
Jamie Yee Hintzke
(925) 876-2380

Furniture/Home Items

American Cancer Society
1991 Santa Rita Rd
Pleasanton, CA 94566
(925) 846-8677


Kaul Construction (Licensed)
Ted Chandler
(925) 216-6810

Lee Hendslie (Unlicensed)
(408) 608-4787

House Cleaning

Isabelle's House Cleaning
(925) 846-9603


Outer Visions
Linda Meikle
(925) 462-1484

Paul's Gardening
Paul Nagra
(925) 829-3447


Green Mortgage Group
Brian LeBars
(925) 484-LEND

Bay Cal Financial
Robert Jackson
1 (888) 884-6668 x21


Tri Valley Locksmith
Daryl Dana
(925) 484-4004


So Unique Painting
Bob Range
(925) 225-1021

Roof Inspections

Pickerill Roofing
Jack Pickerill

Staging Service

Real Estaging
Linda Steele
(925) 552-5249

Termite Control

East Valley Termite Co
(925) 443-6040

Window Cleaning

Valley Window Cleaning
Kevin Lange
(888) 525-3819

This list of services is provided for your information only. No guarantees are made as to these services. You are encouraged to investigate each business thoroughly before making a decision. Rates and services are negotiated with each company. We make no representation as to reputation or workmanship of these professionals.

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